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Didnt even make it to the bedroom.... Cutler's big dick bouncing around downstairs while Mateo Tomas and That Switch are having a drink and chatting ... Dicks get hard, That Switch is on his knees gobbling down 2 huge cocks .. We grabbed the cam gear and ran the boys upstairs to fuck... Cutler starts eating That Switch's ass and Mateo takes the opportunity to get back in that hungry throat of his... Finally in bed there is instant fucking, spit roasting, and DEEP and WIDE double penetration that destroys That Switch instantly... Someone said hamburger hole...


ILoveDick (1 year ago)

Wow - That Switch hot muscle ass gets FUCKED UP so good. Love it.

kinkydadps (1 year ago)

More DP footage, angles, and moans than I have ever seen in any other video! Bravo!

mysterykw (1 year ago)

I just love that ending

Agent12 (1 year ago)

Always wondered why Cutler never creampies the bottom.

BlackBossMan25 (5 months ago)


Richard (1 month ago)

Within 3 minutes, Switch is being manhandled and dominated by them! Man if only I could have been in Switch's place. More demeaning language would make it hotter. Ass-slapping by Mateo was especially hot for me. I love how Switch's moans, groans and grunts were unrecognized by Cutler and Mateo. What a video!

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