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If you haven't met Prince Flackoo before - you really should. He's a full time sex machine but then SO IS CUTLER X. These 2 are FIRE and will blow👏 your👏 mind👏- that huge monster cock sliding into that perfect bubble butt is kind of the hottest thing! Cutler X is on his best behavior because he doesn't know if the boy can take it BUT THEN HE DOES. Throwing his ass onto that huge cock makes Cutler's nuts boil and he give up THE BIGGEST load all over those golden brown cakes

Featuring: Cutler X , Prince Flackoo


Andy (1 year ago)

Great scene, loved the bottom. And I am always happy when there is a new scene with Cutler as he is my all-time favorite top. A dream come true for me would be to see him with some of my favorite bottoms but I think it's just wishful thijnking as they are no longer in the business I think. They're back from the Machofucker days. My no. 1 bottom is a guy called Mav (from Machofucker), loved him. Then no. 2 is Jorge Ballantinos who worked for a few studios and no. 3 is Nils Jacobson. :-) Well as I said: wishful thinking.

Tom (1 year ago)

That bottom fucks himself on Cutlers huge magnificence like mad. Precum just POURS out of him. It's nice to know that some people still appreciate perfection when they feel it.

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