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January 21, 2021
Runtime: 21:38 | 60 Photos

When you have an ass like Jay Alexander you get to make demands. Devin walks in the door and Jay says "fuck meeeee". It was more of a compliment than a demand but Devin was more than happy to get into Jay's mouth right then and there. They proceeded to fuck all over the house and we did our very best to keep up!


January 14, 2021
Runtime: 19:29 | 28 Photos


Cole Connor returns after his super hot debut in RUG BURN. This time he wants the full Cutler X experience - big monster cock to stretch out his throat and ass! Cole works hard for his body and Cutler makes sure he works hard for his dick. He thoroughly digs out Cole's throat to get this hot man to submit. After all resistance is gone, Cutler drives his fat D up into Cole's muscled body and big round ass. They both get so worked up the cum at the SAME TIME


January 7, 2021
Runtime: 17:22 | 49 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Santino Cruz

Cutler X loves to FUCK, all the time. He has been known to go 5-6 times a day. So if you ever can get his attention, you will get fucked. Santino Cruz showed up cute and sexy, and there is zero question what is going to happen. Luckily for him he can take it. Cutler, works this cute boys mouth deep and wide , spins him around and fucks him every which way until Santino gets the cum fucked right out of him. Cutler isn't done with him yet and continues to fuck ass hard and fast until he literally explodes. HOT!


January 4, 2021
Runtime: 17:08 | 59 Photos


Roxas is a sweetheart. He has a huge cock. He has game. He came over to meet Ian Sterling to discuss another project but before we knew it Roxas had Ian naked and in the bed, eating Ian's big muscle ass. Who wouldn't do the same? Roxas pulls those big cheeks apart and digs in with his tongue getting Ian ready for his huge 10 inch dick. Ian does his very best to make sure he takes that dick into his gut but Roxas quietly maintains control. He works Ian until they both blow huge loads!


January 4, 2021
Runtime: 17:43 | 68 Photos


Here you go! This months MUST SEE - Big-dicked stud Ian Sterling takes off his mask and DESTROYS Apollo. We didn't know what to expect with these two but it was pure CHEMISTRY! Ian takes charge right from the start and literally FEEDS Apollo his sex. Fat dick down the throat and big cock and fists up his ass. Handsome and sexy good looks, and there was no NO in Apollo's energy. He wanted to be filled and filled and filled. Ian does it good and does it right. DON'T MISS IT.


December 17, 2020
Runtime: 22:32 | 64 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Prince

It is all about Delivery. Come in with the right attitude and everything else will fall into place. Our new guy Prince shows up looking sexy as hell and ready for some DICK. He is just GOOD. Swallows dick good. Has a good i-can-do-that disposition. He has a great ASS. Cutler wastes no time diving in and he doesn't hold back. He really just wants to tear this boy up! BUT can you tear something up that just doesn't tear? In the end Prince takes charge and SUCKS a LOAD out of Cutler!


December 10, 2020
Runtime: 30:41 | 34 Photos

The best bottoms are the ones that take dick and never say stop. No matter how hard and how big and how deep... and how long or HOW MANY. Cole Alexander is a house favorite for one simple reason. HE IS SO MUCH FUN TO FUCK! Cutler and Devin are a notorious duo and love to stretch Cole from both ends non stop. Cole is this team's plaything and when the time is right they double fuck that tiny ass into a big sloppy fuck mess. GOOD SHIT.


December 3, 2020
Runtime: 20:00 | 38 Photos

Featuring: Cole Connor, Isaac X

In the heat of the moment you fuck where you are because... it doesn't fucking matter. Isaac X meets Cole Connor in the living room and it goes down right there. Mouth to mouth right from the start the clothes came off and these hot men started exploring holes. Fingers, tongues and cocks in and out, hot and sweaty man fucking. You know that the room smelled good and that the jizz will eventually come out of the rug. Worth it.


November 26, 2020
Runtime: 19:19 | 42 Photos

We like a hungry boy and Santino is HUNGRY. Logan brings his big dick to fill both ends for this holiday feast. He is the king of ass-to-mouth and makes sure that Santino is salivating the entire fuck. Fully dominant, Logan takes charge and feeds Santino tongue, dick, spit, ass and cum working Santino into a sweaty fuck toy state of mind!


November 19, 2020
Runtime: 21:16 | 25 Photos

Featuring: Ace Stallion, Cutler X

Ace Stallion was in town celebrating his birthday. We couldn't think of a better present for a bottom that Cutler's big thick long dick. Who would turn a gift like that down? Cutler had a great time pounding this very capable ass open in all directions. At some point you can legit tell when Ace realizes this fuck will be much more intense that he originally thought. Cutler DEMANDS that you submit to him and Ace delivers with hot steamy holes that gets Cutler to boil over!