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October 22, 2020
Runtime: 01:00 | 15 Photos

Featuring: King Bryce, Nate Grimes

This was actually the first time we met King Bryce. He came to us on referral from Luke Troung so we had only seen short vids. When he arrived we were STUNNED by how incredibly good looking he was - top to bottom perfect. Of course Nate Grimes was naked and dragging him into the bedroom immediately for a hard and fast butt pounding!


October 15, 2020
Runtime: 22:13 | 15 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X

When someone is in your way to what you want - DON'T STOP. Get what you want! Be nice about it but you wont be happy until you have it! Ian Sterling KNOWS what he wants and knows how to get it. Blue-eyed, big-dicked, muscle boys are a rare breed so we jumped on this guy! Cutler drills out his throat and ass until Ian is fully fuck meat and then he put the boy to work. Keep those holes open and do what Cutler wants and he give it back 10 fold... Or 10 spurts of jizz all over you.. WANT IT?


October 8, 2020
Runtime: 19:58 | 17 Photos

All meat filler King Bryce comes into The Den and POWER FUCKS Cazden Hunter. The boy wanted come back and get some dick and we knew King Bryce was always ready to fuck ass. King Bryce is so good lookin, has a B.O.D.Y. and is always horny. We shot this video in one take - minimal editing here - SO HOT.


October 1, 2020
Runtime: 22:11 | 16 Photos

Featuring: Isaac X, Luke Truong

When we first met Luke, he was talking about this guy Isaac who he thought was super sexy. Getting the two of them in the same room was the challenge on this one but once we did BOOM - Issac really knows how to take charge of an ass and Luke really is an amazing bottom. These two fucked themselves into a lust filled frenzy and Luke was all SMILES.


September 24, 2020
Runtime: 23:24 | 15 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Holliwud

He came to Hollywood and Cutler came in Holliwud! Sexy little tattoo'd fuckboy Holliwud makes it to the West Coast and showed up at The Den ready to fuck. Cutler dicks Holliwud down and makes him feel GOOD. He loved taking turns with his mouth and ass giving us little winks and smiles the whole time! Cutler works up a SWEAT and pumps out a BIG LOAD



September 10, 2020
Runtime: 21:50 | 15 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Jae Scorpion

Cutler X SLAYS in the power fuck of the year. Slow and thirsty Jae Scorpion worships that BIG demanding dick into a throbbing monster. Then Jae submits and Cutler fucks him DEEP HARD + FAST. You will blow your load so hard....


September 3, 2020
Runtime: 20:07 | 14 Photos

Featuring: Drew Sebastian, Felix GT

10 inch big, ooh, that's good pipe. Sexy boy Felix GT makes one last pass thru Cutler's Den to jump on Drew. Suck the big D and make it wet Felix, youre gonna get it! Time for a little fist while that ass is open for business?


August 27, 2020
Runtime: 19:30 | 15 Photos

Featuring: Chino Blac, Devin Trez

Chino Blac returns to get his favorite dish Devin Trez. Both these beautiful men hail from The South - no West Coast in this one - ALL the best ass and dick in one. Chino has Devin cumming from beginning to end. When Devin does get control of Chino's dick service he oils up that big beautiful butt and eats it good before he smashes it into oblivion


August 19, 2020
Runtime: 27:53 | 18 Photos

Featuring: Ari Koyote, Cutler X

SEXY FTM ARI GETS HIS CUTLER X DREAM FILLED. Cutler X is a the nicest man you've ever met but he will find a way to fuck your hole + Guaranteed. Ari Koyote is a super cute trans boy. Fresh faced good looks, big furry legs, a cute little ass and hungry vagina! SUPER HOT FUCKING with the other nicest guy you've ever met - Ari Koyote slurps down Cutler's fat D and spreads his legs to give up the goods. Cutler takes up Ari's offer and dives in head first, eating Ari that pussy GOOD! If you ever been lucky enough to ride that big piece of dark meat then you know it's gonna make your toes curl - no matter how you identify!


August 13, 2020
Runtime: 27:04 | 14 Photos

Featuring: Isaac X, Trevor Wallon

Have you met Isaac? He has got to be one of Southern California's horniest men. When we showed Trevor to him he didnt even say when he just said YES. Of course Trevor was all about this guy - who doesnt like a hard dicked bossy sweaty tattooed guy on top of them? EPIC steamy hot scene right here! GET IT