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January 27, 2022
Runtime: 24:24 | 57 Photos

Featuring: Amadeus, Danny Starr

Do you like your men thick and beefy? Maybe you want to watch a fat dick fuck a hot muscle ass? Amadeus is gonna help you with that. He is all man and here to show you who is boss. Nothing about him is not imposing and Danny Starr is taking his place down on his knees. Worshiping that big cock is what he is here for... BIG COCK NEEDS TO FILL HOLES


January 20, 2022
Runtime: 21:15 | 50 Photos

You know that guy who gets you, gives good looks, has a big dick or a fat ass. You gotta fuck that, he's gonna get this, and you're gonna watch it. Lawrence got stiff when Jay walked in, both of these guys are big, Jay showed up looking sexy thicc and looking to get fucked. Lawrence spreads Jays big muscle ass and feasts on his hot hole. Jay sucks Lawrence's dick nice and hard and opens up to take Lawrence inside. Grind that shit bruh - fill it up.


January 13, 2022
Runtime: 21:52 | 50 Photos

Featuring: Alfred Latin, Cutler X

Huge dick has a duty and the bottoms need to be fed the meat. Cutler X wants to fill your holes .. All day, every day. Alfred Latin is so hungry and wants to get that dick. Its fat and long and its more than you can handle. It will push you to your limits and you will just want to tap the fuck out. ..but dont just TAKE IT - you will miss it when its gone.


January 6, 2022
Runtime: 21:19 | 55 Photos

Featuring: Blake Ryan, Cutler X

We told him "this vid is going to be called Blake Ryan is a Hungry Cock Whore" and he LOVED IT. Blake is all mischievous smiles and imposing enthusiasm. Cutler knew immediately what this boy is all about. He had Blake naked the moment he was in the front door - the undid his zipper and pulled hs cock out, stroking it for the new kid. Cutler walked around cock out and Blake could not stop staring! Finally Cutler told him to come over and suck it. Blake shoved that huge meat down his throat and his eyes started to water and he smiled. Welcome to The Den slut!


December 30, 2021
Runtime: 23:30 | 43 Photos

Wanna fuck a hot ass? Want to get fucked? When you cant decide or you really just want BOTH then you have to switch it up! Cutler's Den EXCLUSIVE Lawrence Morningstar knows whats up, he told us he hadn't ever been with someone as hairy as Julian Torres before. As soon as he gets his face in that big fat hairy ass he turns around and says "Im hooked!" Of course you are Lawrence - we know whats good! Julian gives Lawrences mouth a good work out before spreading those long ass legs and drilling Lawrence's ass GOOD. Lawrence flips Julian over and puts him to work - using his holes like a sex starved maniac until he cream-pies the fuck out of Julian's ass. GOOD STUFF


December 23, 2021
Runtime: 29:24 | 60 Photos

Featuring: Teddy Bryce, Tian Tao

Nothing like fat 8 inch dick to bring a cock whore to his knees. Tian Tao knows what he has on his hands with Teddy Bryce - A lust for dick and that amazing muscle ass that can take damn near anything. Teddy just goes into the zone and slobbers all over Tian's cock until he becomes a voracious servant. Tian dominates Teddy and uses him for one thing only - HIS PLEASURE. Teddy doesnt care - he's just glad to get his holes filled.


December 16, 2021
Runtime: 20:39 | 49 Photos

FAT ASS✓ HUGE DICK✓ OTHER HUGE DICK✓✓ When you're thirsty we quench your thirsts. When you're hungry we fill you up... and Julian Torres! This furry masc stud is deprived and depraved and goes into another world thanks to Cutler X and Roxas Caelum. We aren't going to do the math here but THIS IS SOME MAJOR COCK and will fill up every pixel of your screen. Roxas really shines and delivers all the hard fucks that Cutler throws - these 2 are a total package. Julian slurps up the dicks like a starving man and then offers up his big hot hairy ass for some hard and heavy balls deep fucking. Cutler and Roxas take turns on each end before delivering a MIND BENDING Double Penetration. You will be ruined forever so Happy Holidays from Cutler's Den.


December 9, 2021
Runtime: 19:38 | 48 Photos

Check out big stud Lucca Mazzi - 6 foot 2, 240 pounds, hung 8 inches thick and sexy as fuck. He really likes to top but we really wanted him to flip with the beefy and hung 9 inches thick - Ian Sterling. So much dick and muscle and so much chemistry - these guys go right for it. They swallow each others big dicks, eat each others muscle butts, and they fuck each other GOOD. Its a sweaty good time bare back flip flop cum spraying fuck down!


December 2, 2021
Runtime: 21:20 | 40 Photos

Featuring: Cazden Hunter, Cutler X

BOYS. We all love them and it seems theres a never ending supply of sexy bottom boys hungry for dick. BIG FAT LONG DICK. Maybe Cutler can help out here? He has a never ending need to fuck ass. The more open the better. Once his massive cock is hard its just a matter of eating ass and getting it wet and hungry and then slowly sliding that girth in .... and if Cutler X is lucky - to the balls on first shove. Cazden can take it. He wants it all - balls deep, and any way Cutler wants to throw a bone. Boy ass is to be used HARD


November 24, 2021
Runtime: 17:03 | 40 Photos

Fresh meat Zen Goken hits The Den looking for DICK. He's got the goods - beefy ass and a hungry attitude. Lawrence takes control of his hungry bottom and gives Zen a solid 8 right in the mouth for a hot and sloppy blowjob. Stick that stud butt up and start eating sheets boy 👀 here comes the dick! Lawrence dominates his bottom and delivers a hot and heavy ass pounding. He keep pushing Zen harder until he sprays his load all over Zen's body