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December 1, 2022
Runtime: 22:25 | 55 Photos

Featuring: Brock Banks, Shadow

A laid back lunch-time smoke out leads to pants off ass up fucking. Shadow knows what he wants and Brock just wants to give it up right now. Shadow the lover takes time to get Brock hungry for service. Devouring Brock is how he takes charge before he pivots to OWNING HOLES. Brock spreads all the way open and takes Shadow the dom. Shadow uses Brock here, moving from ass to mouth, fucking him on his back on his knees, standing up, in a chair... it really is the perfect afternoon..


November 24, 2022
Runtime: 26:03 | 49 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Jason Luna

Hungry muscle boys are life's gift. Cutler 100% uses Jason like he wants to be used. This pocket pig spreads wide and goes for the ride of his life, giving hot wet hole like his life depends on it. Cutler is here to flood his guts and throws Jason all over the room in the process. Bed or table? Over the side of a chair maybe? Thrown down on a HUGE FAT COCK while standing? YES PLEASE. Jason's ass goes from high and tight to fucked up and and sloppy in 26 power fucking minutes. HANG ON!


November 17, 2022
Runtime: 20:23 | 50 Photos

Pull yourself together and look sharp. Serve it to the guy with the big dick and get his load. Austin Sugar brings his magic back to Cutler's Den and gives good hole to big-dicked boy Hanry Onlyjapa. Austin's great body and hot ass delivers Hanry some cum hungry moves as Austin licks, sucks, eats and fucks his way to a ride on a BIG FAT DICK and a CUM guzzling dessert.


November 10, 2022
Runtime: 19:25 | 49 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Eli Shaw

You know you fucking want that meat. Long AND thick - YOU NEED IT. Eli sure does, this guy is insatiable and will never say no. He loves to get fuck and Cutler X loves a sexy well used boy. Cutler will provide you will all the nutrition all the nutrition you need Eli. Let him wreck your throat before he REAMS OUT YOUR ASS.


November 3, 2022
Runtime: 21:09 | 51 Photos

Featuring: Han Cross, Lucca Mazzi

Muscle studs love to fuck - any where any time. Han Cross loves to be dominated and who's better than big sexy Lucca Mazzi. These 2 barely made it through the front door before they were pulling each others clothes off. Lucca's cock was rock hard and before we knew it they were naked in the living room and Han was sucking dick. Hit the sofa boys - its TIME TO FUCK


October 27, 2022
Runtime: 19:31 | 55 Photos

End of the season, last hours of the day, outside on the sky deck... and gagging on a 12 inch dick - its so much fun. Stuffing a huge cock up a hungry bubble butt is funner! Prince Flackoo has been so horny for Roxas for a long time now and he finally got him what he wanted. Roxas was the one that made it happen he asked "so when do i get to fuck that hot ass fucker Flackoo - you could see his dick get hard in his pants. Prince wants it DEEP INSIDE and Roxas GOES DEEEEEP.


October 20, 2022
Runtime: 25:42 | 54 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X

When you really want some BIG COCK you know who to call. Spanish party boys Max Duran and Roni Yarz are really hungry for it and Cutler X brings in the BEEF. The action heats right up and Cutler starts to stretch out holes seeing where hes gonna spend his quality time. Max and Roni are here for the load and work Cutler's big thick dick with hungry throats and willing ass holes..


October 13, 2022
Runtime: 20:59 | 55 Photos

Fucking Teddy Bryce is the DREAM. The notes never stop coming in .. if you're an ass lover you want to fuck that. That ass and that mouth, so hungry and SO ready to service. A handsome beefy and tattooed cock whore is what Teddy is. Hanry Onlyjapa is a hung young stud whose FAT 9 INCH UNCUT DICK swelled and jumped at the chance to slide into that thick tattooed playground of a man. He digs deep into a gasping throat before he manhandles his way into the the ravenous muscle hole. Just as nature intended..


October 6, 2022
Runtime: 18:26 | 54 Photos

2 BIG COCKS / 2 HUNGRY HOLES / 3 HOT MEN Cutler is in heaven, He loves to fuck big holes and nothing makes him cum faster than to have his dick rubbing against another in a hot hole. Ian really gets the best deal he strokes out Max's hole with his big fat cock while Cutler digs deep in Max's throat. Ian flips on his back while Max sucks his ass juice off Ian, Cutler slides in balls deep into Ian's furry hole. Cutler gives Max and up close fuck show so he can get ready for the big fat DP thats coming his way.


September 29, 2022
Runtime: 15:39 | 62 Photos

Featuring: Han Cross, Miguel Rey

Muscle dom Miguel Rey delivers his XL meat into Han Cross' thick round ass. Waking up and needing hole is a thing and Miguel wanted some after a night in the clubs. Han was shaking his hole on the go-go box so they both knew what they wanted. 10 inches in a trained jock cunt is pretty damn perfect and Han's dream of being a plaything for this big man is fulfilled. No one is mad.