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Hungry muscle boys are life's gift. Cutler 100% uses Jason like he wants to be used. This pocket pig spreads wide and goes for the ride of his life, giving hot wet hole like his life depends on it. Cutler is here to flood his guts and throws Jason all over the room in the process. Bed or table? Over the side of a chair maybe? Thrown down on a HUGE FAT COCK while standing? YES PLEASE. Jason's ass goes from high and tight to fucked up and and sloppy in 26 power fucking minutes. HANG ON!

Featuring: Cutler X , Jason Luna


afan (1 year ago)

Great porn! Jason was rock hard through the entire movie. He must have loved what Cutler was giving. He must have been looking forward to get Cutler's dick for weeks. Jason is gorgeous.

PassionSEA (1 year ago)

WOW Cutler & Jason give each other something to be thankful for! FUCK. Cutler completely opens Jason and Jason takes him ALL. His "oh god" becomes finally becomes a statement of ecstasy

Moostafa (1 year ago)

Seeing Cutler slowly enter into Jason's hole... With his uncut fat dick must feel amazing. I love the feel of a fat dick stretching my hole! It takes you to another place and it's amazing! That's what I like: fat, uncut hard dick using my hole for its pleasure. I wish I was Jason right now! In this video so fucking hot!

Moostafa (1 year ago)

Damn Cutler..... Come to Fort Worth Texas and get some of this sexy 60-year-old Seasoned Pussy.

JamDownDMV (1 year ago)

My new ###1..If, for some reason, a client needed to have both prostate + testicles completely drained, for eg. before a procedure, I would prescribe viewing this session, on repeat for 24hrs for "average" balls 😋, and 48hrs for the big ballers 😋 out there; but seriously, fucking awesome, awesome awesome 🤤🤤🤤.

solovoyager (6 months ago)

Cutler had that pussy wide open!

LonithanLebron (4 months ago)

Cutler X has a beautiful ass crack. I would love to lick the sweat out of it after he gets done pounding someone. I need a top to own me like this in dallas

mattpilling1987 (1 month ago)

Those noises outside are ... Damn.

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