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Devin Trez is a man to be taken seriously. He knows what he wants and will work hard to get it. Cole Alexander comes back to visit Cutler's Den because he likes what we give him. BIG HARD COCK. Cole can really take it - he never complains and is completely fuckable. He's the perfect sperm receptacle.


kumster4U (2 years ago)

Devin, love those beautiful balls, a ball worshipers god. SO HOT

BackHoeMac (2 years ago)

Top Man Devin Trez shows us his beautiful penis, as it plunders Cole Alexanders anus. Double-shot Devin shoots semen at 7-min, and again at 23-min 30-sec. Devin's swing scrotum unloads.

Richard (1 week ago)

Cole's cock sucking is a lesson in deep throating Devin's beautiful dick. Devin truly goes deep, balls deep into Cole's ass. Pounding away while Cole cries and whines - Beautiful!

Richard (1 week ago)

I'd certainly love to slurp and gag while sucking Devin's big long cock! Cole is quite the dick whore! Devin is relentless and dominating in fucking Cole. He really pounds Cole into submission. Devin is truly my kind of top!

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