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This was not supposed to be how this went. Drew was at the house hanging out and Teddy texted that he was in town. "Whats up bro?" Teddy said. We replied "Not much just hanging out with Drew Sebastian" Teddy: "Ooof he's hot. Can I come over?" Us: "YEP!" Teddy is more impressive in real life than you can imagine. He is beefy and fun to be around and we all sat around chatting about how much we don't miss Teddy's home town (where we all used to live) Teddy: "Can we make a fuck film? Im fucking horny and I want that big dick in my ass" Drew: "CAN WE?" So it happened. And you're welcome.


furtopman (3 years ago)

Yowzer, love Teddy! Such a sweet man and what a gorgeous hole! More!!!!

CuttlersFan (3 years ago)

I met Drew at folsom 2014 in S.F. Cute nice sexy hot man!!Drew is the best porn star ever!!

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