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Built for it. Reese Mara is a cock hound and NEEDS to be filled. He doesn't care what Miguel Rey does as long as he stuffs in his big thick long curved cock to the balls. Miguel is all top he wants to play with ass, eat ass, and fuck ass. We just want to know one thing - what do YOU really want?

Featuring: Miguel Rey , Reese Mara


Richard (1 month ago)

Miguel & Reese have a great chemistry together. What is there to be said about Miguel? He is SO FUCKIN HOT! Could you create a threesome of Miguel, Bryce, and a bottom who likes being manhandled and demeaned, maybe Han Cross.

Richard (1 month ago)

I had to watch this video again. It really comes across how much Miguel enjoys dominating and fucking another man. I love it!

Richard (4 weeks ago)

Miguel's total domination & manhandling of Reese is fuckin hot 🔥. I love Miguel making Reese his cum dump by breeding him.

Richard (3 weeks ago)

I love when Reese is face fucked while lying on the bed. His slurping noises were quite erotic. Watching Miguel's cock slide in and out of Reese's mouth made me come.

J61 (3 weeks ago)

Who gave Reese those years of top training to service & satisfy his man Miguel, who's sure best at owning his muscle bitch boys. Bring them back in a foursome with Cutler & Luke Truong. It'd be worth top dollar to watch those master males get what they deserve and swap their able & willing muscle subs as they beg for balls-deep cock in both holes and loads of cum to swallow

Richard (3 weeks ago)

I couldn't help myself! I can't get enough of Miguel Rey! He is a fantastic top who fuckin uses and totally dominates his bottoms. He never fails to make me cum when he breeds the bottoms he fucks.

Richard (2 weeks ago)

what I wouldn't give to be Reese sucking Miguel's cock and then be pounded, and I mean pounded by Miguel.

Richard (2 weeks ago)

l love it when Miguel plants his foot on Reese's face, then when fucking him spits on Reese, then finally culminates with Miguel planting his seed inside Reeses ass. Hot, hot hot 🔥

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