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We've been admiring Reese from afar for some time now... IRL he's even better... Braxton likes what he sees and he's got a huge fat cock really to show Reese how much he likes him. It's hard and it fills his mouth.. Reese loves the girth and Braxton gets just a little harder. Not sure what's hotter fucking... that face or fucking that ass but Braxton really plows hard and deep. Its a steamy-hot-power-fuck that will leave your balls drip dry

Featuring: Braxton Cruz , Reese Mara


BackHoeMac (4 weeks ago)

Two Handsome Men. Beautiful. Nice camera work, a pleasant setting. Braxton's circumcised cock remains stiff, and upright. A little "dirty talk". Mr. Cruz ejaculates on Mr. Mara's flaccid cock & balls. Delicious.

Slumlord D (4 weeks ago)

I cant figure out who is hotter! Reese Mara is GORGEOUS but Braxton's dick is BEAUTIFUL

sckr4u (3 weeks ago)

Gorgeous men

civ (1 week ago)

Extremely hot scene. Great combo.

BlackBossMan25 (2 days ago)


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