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He fucked him twice He shot his load TWICE Alexander Cole returns for more Cutler dick. The request to go again was mutual and who doesnt love a big fat dick in a little boys ass? The passion is real and the fuck is hot! Dont miss this one!

Featuring: Cole Alexander , Cutler X


nyhotlat (3 years ago)

Love watching Cutler and Cole fucking! Cole is so hungry. bring him again

Latin guy (3 years ago)

Lucky Cutler, he gets lots of ass... His cock reminds me of mine.... Love to see him eat ass... I love ass just as much as he does!......

Steph (3 years ago)

I wish Cole wouldn't muzzle his moans. I wanna hear him cry out.

qwerty123 (1 year ago)

This has to be the best!

Richard (4 weeks ago)

This is one erotic video. I so enjoyed it.

Richard (4 weeks ago)

Cole is quite the cocksucker in this video. I loved when he licked off the cum from Cutler's cock. Especially deep throating Cutler's massive meat.

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