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its been a long time coming and Cutler CUMS HUGE. Big booty Michael Boston has been trying to get on THE BIG D for a long time and there was alwasy a timing issue - dont you hate that? But then Michael shows up in the the SMALLEST shorts and the biggest sunglasses - this guy is built for dick. Cutler feasts on Michaels big butt and and willing hole before really just plowing into Boston's sperm depository.. Cutler feeds the best candy...

Featuring: Cutler X , Michael Boston


beauj111 (3 months ago)

Great seeing Michael Boston's sweet pussy get stretched out by Cutler X! I didn't know the boy could take such a pounding!

nineinchtrick (2 months ago)

your mother and i are very worried about you, why are you doing this, please come home, we are praying for you Reply from @J_E_F_F: Love you Dad

skcruiser1 (1 month ago)

I used to be a straight white boy then man..married but Cutler turned me out. Cutler showed me how natural man2man love can be..and Cutler turned my straight ass into a submissive pussy. Giving up my “manhood” to someone more manly, more masculine is natural. Just as this scene depicts. Cutlers seed makes the bottom as better lover. I love the way Cutler fucks his lover sub. Perfect

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