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FAT ASS✓ HUGE DICK✓ OTHER HUGE DICK✓✓ When you're thirsty we quench your thirsts. When you're hungry we fill you up... and Julian Torres! This furry masc stud is deprived and depraved and goes into another world thanks to Cutler X and Roxas Caelum. We aren't going to do the math here but THIS IS SOME MAJOR COCK and will fill up every pixel of your screen. Roxas really shines and delivers all the hard fucks that Cutler throws - these 2 are a total package. Julian slurps up the dicks like a starving man and then offers up his big hot hairy ass for some hard and heavy balls deep fucking. Cutler and Roxas take turns on each end before delivering a MIND BENDING Double Penetration. You will be ruined forever so Happy Holidays from Cutler's Den.


BackHoe Mac (1 year ago)

Beautiful three way with two, Huge Dicks, one circumcised, and one hoody. Hairy Mr. Torres makes a great bottom. All the men are muscular. Mr. Torres reports with groans. In the end, Julian's hairy ass creams the Top's load.

Papi Suave (1 year ago)

That fat hair ass is beautiful. I would love to eat the fuck out of it.

Invalid (1 year ago)

Everything about this video is fucking gold

Tom (1 year ago)

This year, the Christmas trees are sequoias. Julian must have been a good boi, because he gets a huuuuuge present. I've been very good, too, Mr Cutler, Sir.

Sktouse (1 year ago)

Everything Invalid said (times 2)

HORNDOG (1 year ago)

freaking hot scene!!!!

John (1 year ago)

I would love to been fucking like this

Ludo (1 year ago)


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