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You know you fucking want that meat. Long AND thick - YOU NEED IT. Eli sure does, this guy is insatiable and will never say no. He loves to get fuck and Cutler X loves a sexy well used boy. Cutler will provide you will all the nutrition all the nutrition you need Eli. Let him wreck your throat before he REAMS OUT YOUR ASS.

Featuring: Cutler X , Eli Shaw


pdq (10 months ago)

OMG, this one is awesome! A passionate hate-fuck, so to speak. I envy Eli.

Tom (10 months ago)

Each time I read that Cutler is in the video, my heart beats faster - and I'm NEVER disappointed. Love it that his huge cock has the freedom to shoot geysers of cum, while the boy's dick is trapped in that tiny cage. That seems so right heh heh. Also love that at the end he stays deep inside Eli while he nuzzles the boy's neck.

Dorian Lord (10 months ago)

Love seeing the sensual side of Cutler.

O (10 months ago)

What??? This is the best video!!! Fuckkk

Moostafa (9 months ago)

I love all the fucking, but I really want to see breeding! I want to see that nut put deep in that hole! And not, a pull out and a jack off and then back in. I want to see real breeding. Hope I can find that kind of video on here.

Loves the co (7 months ago)

Man I'd do almost to work with this company😁

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