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Super sexy John Brachalli worships Cutler's HUGE dick with the eyes of a little boy. He LOVES it! You can see him thinking "its so big!" "Its so beautiful" Its gonna make you feel things you have never felt before John. Cutler does not care that John is a small guy. He is gonna feed his dick into Johns throat. He is going to ram his fat meet into John's guts. This is what he wanted right? GIVE IT TO HIM

Featuring: Cutler X , John Brachalli


PassionSEA (1 year ago)

absolutely one of the best--Cutler the exquisite lover is so kind and gentle and encouraging--helping John open all the way, taking him to the hilt and making John scream and laugh with joy, becoming completely open

OMG (1 year ago)

yes pls

Keith (1 year ago)

I agree with EVERYTHING Passsion SEA had to say and want to add that my dream in life is that I would be lucky enough to be loved by you. You're AMAZING!

Tom (1 year ago)

Cutler really, REALLY goes balls-deep here. Brachalli is high on that wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure and loves every thrust. So beautiful.

DCBoy (1 year ago)

The sniff at 37 seconds!!!! Reason I love uncut....

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