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Living the fantasy is everything. He wanted the dick.. so long and thick. SO BIG and hard and strong. Boy David came face to face with his fantasy and was a little scared. A huge penis the size of his arm wanted to go into his hot little ass and he could not say no now. Cutler spreads the athletic stud open and warms him up with his mouth and his body... He knows how to get what he wants and he wants to fill this guy up with a HUGE LOAD.

Featuring: Boy David , Cutler X


Tom (10 months ago)

I like all performers in Cutler's Den, but I'm always overjoyed when it's Cutler Himself. Because nobody fucks like him. Cutler expands everything, probably even the mind. Afterwards you walk, swallow and think differently. That's why I would like to thank you, Cutler, for so much crazy hotness. Thank you thank you thank you.

Poppered Grandad (10 months ago)

I agree that no one fucks better than Cutler. He is a gentle, powerful lover who manages to bring pain and pleasure to the men he dominates and to those of us who jackoff thinking about taking him deep inside our holes.

pdq (10 months ago)

Years ago, when "That 70's Show" was on TV, I wondered what Wilmer Valderrama, who played the gay character Fez would look like getting dicked down by a hung top. Now I know! And I'm wishing now I could see real-life Wilmer grunting and writhing under Cutler. 😏

yum (9 months ago)

Such a great combination

Daddyjohn10 (3 months ago)

love to see Boy David do a gang Bang

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