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Electricity is in the air today. Sometimes the chemistry between two men is a hard thing to capture on video. These 2 have fucked before - and they know what each other wants. Luke is one of the hungriest guys on screen these days and Devin loves a hungry ass. They were as soon as they arrived. Grabbing at each other, giving each other looks. Luke just opened up his throat for Devin's big dick and the sweat started to flow. Face down, ass up and start fucking.

Featuring: Devin Trez , Luke Truong


Rextrek (2 years ago)

Very Sexy Pairing..Mmmmmm XXX's! Handsome TOP Devin & Luke is an Amazing Receptive verbal Bottom with Eye Contact while getting FKD....THAT's the KEY

Mad Dog No Good (2 years ago)

YES! This right here qualifies as scene of the year for me! I KNEW there was an incredibly handsome face hiding under Devin's dreads! He looks like a different man with short hair! What an incredible transformation!!! And I can tell Luke was feeling the new look too. The chemistry between these two was off the register!

sissy (2 years ago)

luke is sooo cute!

BackHoeMac (1 year ago)

Devin shoots (preliminary) 4:30 and 5:20. Devin's big load is shot at 23:45. Luke's anus endures a long ride. Devin low hanging testicals swing. Luke and Devin groan, talk dirty, as they playfully fuck.

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