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This is FIRE and when you've got some on you - you know what to do. Jay Alexander feasts on 2 massive cocks to fill his bottomless holes. Super sexy duo -Devin Trez and Roxas Caelum bring some of the longest cocks on screen to literally dig into Jay on a quest to meet in the middle. Roxas really steams up the place, making out with Devin while Jay is down below swallowing cock at both ends. When Jay is nice and open, Devin and Roxas go in for the Double Penetration leaving Jay completely ruined! Think that fire is out - FOR NOW.


champ (3 years ago)

this was hot. loved the way Devin and Roxas interacted with each other. hope there is a part 2. Jay Alexander is a beast

mannbereit (2 years ago)

Fantastic Fuck!!! I need the same.

BackHoeMac (2 years ago)

Devin's intact cock is a handsome piece. His low hanging scrotum swings as he pounds ass. At 17 min 55 sec, Devin's withdraws his cock, and shoots cum over Jays ass. Devin reinserts, and plunders Jay's anus. Devin immerses himself with kissing and touch. A fine man.

Lovesthecock (1 year ago)

Damn this is hot wish I was jay getting plowed by devin and roxas

Richard (1 month ago)

Another stellar video! My only wish is that I was in Jay's place. Devon and Roxas are great when it comes ro pounding bussy.

Richard (1 day ago)

Jay can certainly handle dicks, that means multiple ones simultaneously. I so enjoy how he slurps down a cock and has a big, long dick driven up his ass. I wish there had been more demeaning talk by Roxas and Devon. Jay finally must moan and groan while being pounded at both ends. It's pleasurable pain when two men fuck you together! Yeah!

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