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When we asked Drew who he wanted to fuck next he gave us a list of what he likes... "Young guys, Small Dudes..." We stopped him there and showed him Cole "FUCK YES!" Then we started to contact Nicky. "You into him?" after we showed Cole a picture of Drew. "Yes sir - can I come over now?" After we got everyone's scheduled lined up we all got naked - yes including the producer. It was hot in the room and Cole was drooling so we got down to it. Dick down his throat set Cole on FIRE and he became a Drew Sebastian service boy - what ever he wanted Nicky will do! He did his best to swallow that huge cock before Drew had enough and went straight for the little Cole's boy butt! Drew was in him to the balls on first push WTF - COLE LOVED it and start to moan and whine giving Drew just what he NEEDED. His goal in that moment was to deliver Drew's load into his holes.


scrods (4 years ago)

hot i want to see drew fuck teddy bryce

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