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John literally falls to his knees and crawl up to Drew so he and stuff his throat with that huge cock. Drew is really just letting John have fun because he knows what he wants and it starts with ASS. John takes the big thick dick no problem but the real challange is keeping up with Drew. Drew for his part really cant get enough of the perfect man and his perfect ass but he takes his time to enjoy himself every single second.. if you can call a big man with a big dick scooping out his own load and stuffing it into your mouth a good time then you will love this


timphil (10 months ago)

Fuck! The connection between these two is insane in this one. One fucking hot video!

LACowboy (10 months ago)

This video is so hot. Very well matched Daddy and boy. You can tell they are both really fucking turned on by each other.

Tom (10 months ago)

Drew Sebastian is one hot Daddy. Imagine him feeding you his seed like that. I'd gladly give up a meal for every drop.

mascsportbtm (6 months ago)


LondonLoves (2 days ago)

This video was the reason I signed up to the site. The full version did not disappoint. Amazing scene, amazing performers.

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