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Nothing quite like the big fat cock of Ian Sterling. The perpetually horny muscle stud is down for specifically - Mateo Tomas's holes. Mateo looooooves it in the throat and drools, slurps and swallows Ian's perfect hairy meat. Mateo gags and goons until Ian decides he is done with the throat and dives into what has to be the biggest butt from Montreal. He divides and conquers SO HARD and plants his big white load on his new prize....


Yobro92 (4 months ago)

Too sexy 🤤 can't wait to see Ian riding dick getting his ass rocked again mmmf 💦

latinostudyyc (4 months ago)

WOOOOOOFFFFF would love to play with Mateo one day! >:)

BmorePig (2 months ago)

Fucking hot - Mateo being broken in as a bottom and by Ian Sterling- whose loose ass has been bred by some huge cocks especially some ass wreckers of BBC’s - it is so hot to be gaped and loaded up by a bottom - knowing you are giving up your right ass to a big cock whose ass is regularly filled with other men’s loads

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