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Get your vitamin D. Fuck it just get the D. Tryp Bates has all the moves and delivers is with a side of MUSCLE. Marcel Eugene brings back his big long cock with the mushroom head and plunges Tryp's mouth into submission. Tryp would gladly suck it all day but Marcel really wants that fuck and load that muscle ass good. Roof top in the city with sun and sex ... there is nothing better.


Joeybroooks (7 months ago)

Love the hairy hole actually that’s all I go for these days hairy cracks

BackHoeMac (5 months ago)

Just before 10-min., Marcel Eugene spinster flexes as his BBC orgasms inside Tryp Bates manhole. At 10 1/2-min., Marcel Eugene’s cut penis withdraw and dribbles. His first of two cum shots. A joy to watch.

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