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Muscle dom Miguel Rey delivers his XL meat into Han Cross' thick round ass. Waking up and needing hole is a thing and Miguel wanted some after a night in the clubs. Han was shaking his hole on the go-go box so they both knew what they wanted. 10 inches in a trained jock cunt is pretty damn perfect and Han's dream of being a plaything for this big man is fulfilled. No one is mad.

Featuring: Han Cross , Miguel Rey


Ty (1 year ago)

I want Miguel to fuck me, deep!! That was so hot🔥

Dorian Lord (1 year ago)

More of Miguel Please! He is so sexy!

Lovesthecock (1 year ago)

These guys are hot. I would definitely like to work with them

Richard (1 month ago)

Miguel Rey is the ideal top for me. Tall, strong, dominant and decisive. I loved Miguel's use of filthy names on Hans; I too enjoy being called names.. Also I love being manhandled by my tops.

Richard (2 weeks ago)

Miguel totally and absolutely shows Han he is dominate. Miguel drives and pounds Han's hole with his big dick, tossing Han around to convey he is in control. Everything about this video is masterful by Miguel. The cum scene by Miguel fully ejaculating his seed and then watching the cum drip from Han's ass is so hot!! This video of Miguel Rey might be my favorite.

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