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Julian Torres! This furry stud has been on our mind for quite some time. He is a mans man and he found religion today. Cutler served up some first class dick Julian who made the most of it. He pigs out on Cutler's cock - absorbing the smell and shoving it into his throat until his eyes are watering - then coming back for more. Cutler gives him what he needs BUT then takes what he wants - that meaty furry ass with a big willing hole in the middle. CUTLER FEEDS THE WILLING.

Featuring: Cutler X , Julian Torres


Back Hoe Mac (3 years ago)

A hirsute torso underneath Cutler. Beautiful. Julian Torres is the hairiest man on Wonderful!

Tom (3 years ago)

Now that's a beautiful deepthroat. You can tell how much Julian looooves the smell and taste of Cutler's cock. And when he pulls back the foreskin and takes that moist glans in his mouth, you're so close you can almost taste it yourself. I found religion too lol

Rextrek (3 years ago)

Mmmmmmm...(( HOT )) ...the Internal Breeding / WOW ! Thats what I'm Talking about / the "eye contact" ..Verbal ..ALL add up to XXX's !!!

bearphilly (3 years ago)

Forgive me Daddy, for I have sinned. Require penance of me!

peterlong52 (3 years ago)

Julian Torres has an exquisitely hairy body! Cutler's dick is aweseom! HOT!

LonithanLebron (6 months ago)

I love when Cutler eats a hairy hole. It's the best ever. Wish we can see a video of someone sitting on his face for about 5 mins non stop

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