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All you want isnt always what is best. Ridick is about to find out how much it sucks to have 2 of XXX's BIGGEST COCKS inside at the same time. 23 inches in you at once with Roxas down your throat and into your neck and Cutler up your ass and into your guts? Who wants this exactly? WE ALL DO.

Featuring: Cutler X , Ridick , Roxas Caelum


STROKEDUDE (6 months ago)

Hot as hell y'all really beat up that ass.

pdq (6 months ago)

Awesome collaboration by everyone! The whimpering/moaning by Ridick is a big turn on for me, as is the dp. No surprise that Ridick also shows up on Stud Fist 😃 I'm still hoping to see Roxas get tag-teamed (by Cutler and King Byrce maybe?)

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