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Big, Furry, Sweaty DeShae fucks the most fuckable-fuckboi jock butt Porfi. That perfectly smooth, hard round muscle ass loves dick. Deshae LOVES butt so much that he can stop playing with Porfi's - eating and fingering it until they are both ready to FUCK. Deshae is a power house of masculinity and will take of abt hole that needs to be filled. He Ignites with muscle and sweat and fills the room with the room with heat until its a hot and humid MESS

Featuring: Deshae , Porfi Maximus


BackHoeMac (5 months ago)

Deshae’s lean physique glistens with sweat. I can smell the testosterone. His deep voice speaks, and rumbles. During the fucking, Porfi Maximus’s intact penis bounces in rhythm. No covered genitals here. An internal cum shot, seeding, cream pie, breeding. Sweat drips from Deshae, the sheets are wet. Deshae sports a closely shaved face, for the first time with Cutler’s Den. DeShae’s Hirsute is Grand. Porfi Maximus manhole pushes-out semen as the scene ends. Satisfaction.

sexymixedboy69 (5 months ago)

I love Porfi. I love internal breeding videos and masculinity.

looking4sexy1 (5 months ago)

Oh my god! i have a new favorite porn star! Dashae is so damn sexy - that sweat drives me wild!

Christianpny (5 days ago)

just joined can't wait to watch some hot videos

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