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August 19, 2020
Runtime: 27:53 | 18 Photos

Featuring: Ari Koyote, Cutler X

SEXY FTM ARI GETS HIS CUTLER X DREAM FILLED. Cutler X is a the nicest man you've ever met but he will find a way to fuck your hole + Guaranteed. Ari Koyote is a super cute trans boy. Fresh faced good looks, big furry legs, a cute little ass and hungry vagina! SUPER HOT FUCKING with the other nicest guy you've ever met - Ari Koyote slurps down Cutler's fat D and spreads his legs to give up the goods. Cutler takes up Ari's offer and dives in head first, eating Ari that pussy GOOD! If you ever been lucky enough to ride that big piece of dark meat then you know it's gonna make your toes curl - no matter how you identify!


August 13, 2020
Runtime: 27:04 | 14 Photos

Featuring: Isaac X, Trevor Wallon

Have you met Isaac? He has got to be one of Southern California's horniest men. When we showed Trevor to him he didnt even say when he just said YES. Of course Trevor was all about this guy - who doesnt like a hard dicked bossy sweaty tattooed guy on top of them? EPIC steamy hot scene right here! GET IT


August 6, 2020
Runtime: 24:07 | 16 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Luke Truong

Luke Truong is our new favorite fuck boy. He wants in with a smile on his face ready for DICK. That is how Cutler X likes his boys. HUNGRY and ready to FUCK. Luke already had Cutler fucking his throat for an hour before .. Lets see if his ass can keep up!


July 30, 2020
Runtime: 23:47 | 15 Photos

Featuring: Chino Blac, Cutler X

Whats better than a big round booty up in the air waiting for some dick? NOTHING. Thicc boys are as American as it gets and Chino Blac is ALL AMERICAN. This cute boy flew in just to see us and as soon as he walked into the room with his red jock framing THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ASS we just about passed out. BUT FEAR NOT Cutler was dick up and tongue out! Cutler had Chino on the floor before we even had a chance to find the poppers. Chino swallowed dick and had his ass in Cutler's face just daring him to rip it up. CUTLER FUCKED Chino all over the furniture. Just when Chino was about to tap out his boy friend RICCO BLAC walks into the room totally naked with a BIG OL HARD DICK. Chino was living the dream with two huge cocks in both his holes slurping down hot loads. CUTLER'S DEN We make dreams happen.


July 23, 2020
Runtime: 21:11 | 15 Photos

Featuring: Devin Trez, Felix GT

Nothing sexier than Devin Trez in your bed with a hard-on. He wants a big ass in his lap, on his face and balls deep wrapped around his big uncut cock. Felix GT loves to have fun and practically started to drool when he saw Devin walk in. The started in their underwear before we were even ready with the cameras Felix dives down on Devin's dick and gags his way to heaven. Devin literally fucks Felix all over the bed - spit and cum flying everywhere!


July 16, 2020
Runtime: 22:03 | 15 Photos

At Cutler's Den every day is FUCKDAY. Especially today when the sun is out and the air is warm... Take a break, Jacen Zhu will come over and call up Drew Sebastian... Lets hang out! Wanna get naked? OK and look at that ass Jacen's got on him. Oh is your big dick getting hard Drew? Now what are we gonna do? FUCK ASS IS WHAT!


July 2, 2020
Runtime: 23:09 | 15 Photos

Luke! The most enthusiastic cock hound in porn goes big and gets on Drew Sebastian. Drew'w legit 10" dick (we measured) is a serious piece of meat and Luke is ready for it. He slurps up Drew's massive meat like a pro and struggles until it is balls deep in his neck. When Drew cant take anymore, he takes Luke's ass and fucks him good!


June 26, 2020
Runtime: 20:19 | 15 Photos

Featuring: Devin Trez, Rocky Maximo

Devin Trez is back to take on muscle daddy Rocky Maximo Devin loves a big ass so lets get it oiled up and ready to rail. Rocky is really hungry for this dick and Devin doesn't let him him down. He feeds his holes all the meat he can handle with a BONUS.... Devin is a non-stop CUM MACHINE and squirts cum every few minutes to let of some steam AND in the end Rocky gets a big mouthful!


June 18, 2020
Runtime: 21:24 | 15 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Felix GT

We found Felix on a hookup app "Look at that ass! I want to meet him.." Cutler said so he asked Felix to come over. Cutler wanted to fuck him on camera so we all chatted + decided to get naked! Felix is a cock gobbling furry fat assed cock hound! Cutler had so much fun he came 2 times! (Again!!)


June 11, 2020
Runtime: 18:00 | 15 Photos

Sitting in the living room chatting... just looking at the size of both these sexy men. While they speak, all we could think about was Ray Diesel's big fat dick + Trevor Wallon's big fat ass! ...Sitting right there, horny, and ready to fuck. Trevor loves a big dick but this one he was not ready for! Ray's downward curve is a real challenge - it hits spots that dont normally get hit. BUT its good dick and Ray really just kept working Trevor over making sure Trevor knew that Ray was in charge. Down is throat and up his ass, Trevor was rewarded OVER and OVER. This is a real ass to mouth lover's DREAM. Finally Trevor got a big fat load in the mouth! Now THAT'S A MEAL! YUM.

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