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March 11, 2021
Runtime: 27:05 | 61 Photos

After 2 massive dicks pummeled his mouth, Zeno Rey looked into the camera and said "I love cock so much" Yah brother - so do we! Trash talking Romeo Davis joins Cutler X in this epic take down of HOT JOCK. To Romeo and Cutler's surprise, Zeno was way more capable at taking big dicks in his service holes and these two big cocks stretch out ass and throat BALLS DEEP


March 4, 2021
Runtime: 27:49 | 50 Photos

Featuring: Alexander, Cutler X

He is one of those guys that is constantly traveling so when ever he would come into town he would let us know. Cutler really wanted to fuck that BUBBLE BUTT but the timing wasn't working out. FINALLY it happened. Alexander came over and Cutler pounced on him and was pulling off his clothes on the way to the bedroom. Alexander really wants that fat dick in the throat but its just too big. Cutler just goes for the ass, throws him and the bed and begins to POUND. On the bed, on the floor, bent over the dresser drawers - Alexander is literally fucked all over the room.


February 25, 2021
Runtime: 16:05 | 53 Photos

LOOK SHARP / Get Laid -words to live by if you love sex. Ian Sterling sure does - he oozes testosterone and cum and looks HOT AF all the time. Santino Cruz - he loves dick just about as much as anyone we can think of so we invited him over so a little play time with Ian. Cutler is always hanging around looking to see where he can stick his dick so after Ian is done with Santino, in comes Cutler to get his dick wet...


February 18, 2021
Runtime: 25:19 | 60 Photos

This is FIRE and when you've got some on you - you know what to do. Jay Alexander feasts on 2 massive cocks to fill his bottomless holes. Super sexy duo -Devin Trez and Roxas Caelum bring some of the longest cocks on screen to literally dig into Jay on a quest to meet in the middle. Roxas really steams up the place, making out with Devin while Jay is down below swallowing cock at both ends. When Jay is nice and open, Devin and Roxas go in for the Double Penetration leaving Jay completely ruined! Think that fire is out - FOR NOW.


February 11, 2021
Runtime: 19:51 | 35 Photos

Featuring: Roxas Caelum, Zac Snow

Hot pussy boy Zac Snow bounced his ass into Cutler's Den this week and take a ride on BIG ROXAS. That 12 inches of down-ward curving meat is the epitomy of "getting your back blown out" It litterally does just that. Deep throating is to goal for Zac and he does down as far as he can - you can tell he really wants it. Roxas really wants some of that furry hole and he takes it balls deep pacing himself to make it last. And when he is ready he SHOWERS Zac's face with his huge milky load - MMMMMMMM.


February 5, 2021
Runtime: 24:27 | 44 Photos

Featuring: Apollo, Cutler X

Apollo is this young bottom kid that is hella thirsty. He loves getting filled, he loves being watched. Cutler was kinda like "yeah i will fuck that" and then the kid showed up... and started sucking his dick... and Cutler started to SWEAT. Its pretty fucking hot for a young pussy boy to have skills like this - he really takes it down the throat and up his ass and is fully connected in the process. His only goal is to GET THAT LOAD.


January 28, 2021
Runtime: 21:05 | 59 Photos

Featuring: Ari Koyote, Roxas Caelum

Who doesn't love a huge cock? We sure do and Roxas has that and a whole lot more. THIS GUY! He is so cute and so smart and he LOVES to FUCK. Here comes Ari Koyote to take care of our guys fuck needs. Ari was so ready to jump back into our bed and we were so excited to have him back. He gets FUCKED SO GOOD and Roxas is more than happy to shoot a big load all over Ari


January 21, 2021
Runtime: 21:38 | 60 Photos

When you have an ass like Jay Alexander you get to make demands. Devin walks in the door and Jay says "fuck meeeee". It was more of a compliment than a demand but Devin was more than happy to get into Jay's mouth right then and there. They proceeded to fuck all over the house and we did our very best to keep up!


January 14, 2021
Runtime: 19:29 | 28 Photos


Cole Connor returns after his super hot debut in RUG BURN. This time he wants the full Cutler X experience - big monster cock to stretch out his throat and ass! Cole works hard for his body and Cutler makes sure he works hard for his dick. He thoroughly digs out Cole's throat to get this hot man to submit. After all resistance is gone, Cutler drives his fat D up into Cole's muscled body and big round ass. They both get so worked up the cum at the SAME TIME


January 7, 2021
Runtime: 17:22 | 49 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Santino Cruz

Cutler X loves to FUCK, all the time. He has been known to go 5-6 times a day. So if you ever can get his attention, you will get fucked. Santino Cruz showed up cute and sexy, and there is zero question what is going to happen. Luckily for him he can take it. Cutler, works this cute boys mouth deep and wide , spins him around and fucks him every which way until Santino gets the cum fucked right out of him. Cutler isn't done with him yet and continues to fuck ass hard and fast until he literally explodes. HOT!