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August 11, 2022
Runtime: 18:00 | 57 Photos

Featuring: Eli Shaw, King Byrce

You can taste this one. King Byrce's cock, sweat, lust and Eli Shaw's ass, mouth and NEED. Pure sex, 100% organic, with minimal edits - as real as it gets. YOU CAN FEEL IT. Nothing stops King Byrce from absolutely railing Eli all over the bed. Eli is here for it - he lives to be fucked and hangs on for the hot meaty RIDE.


August 4, 2022
Runtime: 25:39 | 55 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, John Brachalli

Super sexy John Brachalli worships Cutler's HUGE dick with the eyes of a little boy. He LOVES it! You can see him thinking "its so big!" "Its so beautiful" Its gonna make you feel things you have never felt before John. Cutler does not care that John is a small guy. He is gonna feed his dick into Johns throat. He is going to ram his fat meet into John's guts. This is what he wanted right? GIVE IT TO HIM


July 28, 2022
Runtime: 18:55 | 40 Photos

Hanging out on the roof with the boys.. Han Core is here to get fucked. His hot muscle ass is hungry and HOT from all that lazing around in the sun.. Ian Sterling needs to come so he hits that ass first so Lawrence can get his dick wet in Han's hungry throat. Ian Sterling takes his place and rams Han's tonsils good. Ian goes first and BREEDS HAN GOOD. Lawrence and Han decide to continue on in the shower and fuck all over until Lawrence floods Han's pussy with a warm cream happy ending 😈


July 21, 2022
Runtime: 20:49 | 53 Photos

Featuring: Eddy, Teddy Khaos

Big, beautiful Teddy Khaos loves to fuck. Give him a sexy boy and he is ready to go. Eddy brings 3 holes and no waiting - eagerly crawling between Teddy's legs and slurping down on that fat D to get his man going. Teddy slips his fingers into Eddy's wet snatch and gets Eddy prepared for a HARD FUCK. There really is not much you can do when you're underneath a big man but hang on. And that is exactly what Eddy does... until he gets a FAT cream-pie ..which Teddy eagerly slurps off those pink lips...


July 14, 2022
Runtime: 25:05 | 55 Photos

2 big fat cocks and one dick starved and enthusiastic Ridick are here to fill all of his wants. Cutler X and Lucio Davido bring full balls and big fat swollen meat to spit roast, tag team, DP and generally use Ridick for everything he's got. Sexual athleticism is on display there are no limits to what goes down! Bubbling hot sperm is on tap to reward our hungriest of pigs!


July 7, 2022
Runtime: 15:51 | 47 Photos

Eli Shaw is a hungry boy - his young muscle ass wants to be used and stretched and filled. He cant get enough! BIG DICKED BIG MUSCLE BOYS Ian Sterling and Lucca Mazzi come over for an afternoon fuck and just do not want to take turns if they don't have to. So the do and then THEY DON'T! Eli takes both of these hot men on for an ass splitting steamy cum fest that left us all wanting some!


June 30, 2022
Runtime: 21:26 | 48 Photos

Can you even handle all the big fat dick that is on your screen? Sir Peter and Cutler X! Both of them are hung like horses, Long, thick, hungry cocks craving ass to fuck. Both of these sexy guys love to fuck big loose hole so who better than John Thomas to accommodate a sword fight? Double fucked, Spitroasted, and Double Creampied - John Thomas has a slack cunt and loves how these 2 slabs of beef feel in his hole! He is all smiles in the end comes in to clean up those big dicks like a good bottom should. He just cant get enough!


June 23, 2022
Runtime: 18:41 | 55 Photos

You like it big. Watching all of that meat slide into a willing or a talented hole - or 2. Brock Banks has been bouncing his big ass around us for a while now. Couldn't seem to get him into The Den for a proper fuckdown. Did someone say Roxas Caelum? That got Brock's attention.. he ready to go! Brock's fat ass got Roxas huge 12 inch dick up, hard and ready to fuck! Brock just looked at the massive piece of meat in his face and asked "So can I start? I'm hungry!"


June 16, 2022
Runtime: 22:55 | 55 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Derek Kage

A big hungry ass knows what it wants - right Derek Kage? Cutler X brings his monster cock in to FILL THAT POCKET up. Hot meat is all the filling a boy needs and Cutler digs out Derek's throat and then plunges into that big pink hole. Back into a hot mouth and then back up that big butt .. Derek takes charge and works Cutler into a bubbling puddle of CUM. Fuuuuuuuuuck.


June 9, 2022
Runtime: 16:36 | 48 Photos

Big ripped top fucking a hot young muscle boy - we know whats good. Lawrence arrives flexing his GREEN and talking about how needs to fuck this firm and hungry bottom stud. Eli Shaw serves his caged cock so he has only one way to go - taking care his boss. Nothing else more important than getting holes filed and cum flowing. Thats whats up.

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