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November 4, 2021
Runtime: 18:30 | 31 Photos

Ride or die till the end. Big muscle stud Lawrence Morningstar is back at Cutler's Den ready to deliver some hot hard dick. Hot muscle butt Ian Holms wants climb up Lawrence and devour his sweaty body and go for a RIDE. Lawrence knows how to use his mouth to work a guy into a state of lust and his dick into a FRENZY. Ian was ready to do ANYTHING to get both of them OFF


October 28, 2021
Runtime: 18:20 | 68 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Isaac X

All the treats for this trick - Happy Halloween from CUTLERSDEN! Bi stud Isaac X wants nothing less than all 11 inches from King Cutler! Cutler wants to know if Isaac is gonna be the cock hungry little devil who is is gonna goblin' up his his big chocolate candy bar. Dont eat too much Isaac you might get an upset tummy! Flip your ass over and spread that thick butt and let the hauntings begin...


October 21, 2021
Runtime: 20:30 | 59 Photos

Featuring: Roxas Caelum, Zeno Rey

Roxas was out on the town with us... and guess who is up on the box shaking his ass for dollars - Zeno Rey. He came over to say hi and and grab at Roxas' 12 inch dick ... and get hugs. Roxas started to flirt, grabbing Zeno's big jock ass and Zeno let us know he wanted to get fuck but ALL THAT DICK and it was time to go. The only question we had was who much dick you want and which hole is it going into first?


October 14, 2021
Runtime: 17:43 | 41 Photos

Featuring: Devin Trez, Matt Heron

Devin Trez - Big man, Big Dick, and those BIG swing balls. Matt Heron was all about him and kept asking to meet up - who are we to say anything other that YES! Matt struggled to get all that dick into his pretty mouth and down his throat but Devin really just wanted to FUCK and flips the boy over before fucking that hungry hole and feeding him a big load!


October 7, 2021
Runtime: 21:23 | 40 Photos

It is hot day in the desert by the pool. All of us naked and sweating... and then it gets even hotter. Drew's big dick swinging around and Ian could not keep his mouth off of it... So we fired up the cameras! These boys get hot and sweaty quickly and before you know if Drew is leading Ian to the lawn for a hot and sweaty ass fucking!


September 30, 2021
Runtime: 24:15 | 50 Photos

Featuring: Bobby Ryker, Cutler X

Sometimes you have to treat yourself. That guy who will do anything you want, who can take it and say THANK YOU. He will do ANYTHING to get you off.. Bobby Ryker is that full service animal that Cutler NEEDS. He can fuck as hard as he wants, and push for what her really likes! This is the 4th release of the Cutler X Birthday Celebration E N J O Y!


September 23, 2021
Runtime: 21:00 | 52 Photos

Lawrence is the kind of guy that gets all the attention - tall, handsome, and built. He comes into fuck, horny and hungry - ready to do what needs to be done! Cutler has had a boner for this one the first time he walked in. Lawrence didnt then he could take all that dick. We told him dont worry - Cutler will get it! Release Number 3 of the Cutler X Birthday Month Celebration!


September 16, 2021
Runtime: 24:28 | 50 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Skye Knox

Its Release 2 of the Cutler X Birthday Celebration Month! The super sexy Skye Knox joined us in Palm Springs for a little sweaty throat and ass stretching getaway! Cutler has been trying to get in this guy's pants for a while now and he FILLS HIM UP on both ends.. extra sloppy deep throat and Skye gets it ALL the way down. Cutler cant wait to get into that smooth muscle hole and he sure does get in and FUCKS IT SLOPPY.


September 9, 2021
Runtime: 20:06 | 49 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Ian Holms

Its CUTLER'S birthday and all month we are celebrating! "What do you want to do for your birthday?" "SOMETHING BIG!" he said. Every week will be a scene with Cutler and some lucky guy - this week it just happens to be Ian Holms... This furry energetic stud couldn't wait to give Cutler his gift and gets down on his knees to sing with a huge dick in his mouth. In the end Ian got a gift too - wouldn't you say?


September 2, 2021
Runtime: 23:34 | 48 Photos

You watch professional sports - right? Those big hot athletes.... Nate Grimes is on a bodybuilder mission. Hes HUGE and his dick is LOCKED. We needed someone MORE HUGE to really dom his rock hard bubble butt. LAWRENCE MORNINGSTAR is 6 foot 4 inches of big built beautiful MAN. Nothing small about this guy and he's so horned up to fuck Nate down. He really just wants to CUM.

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