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April 1, 2022
Runtime: 26:58 | 55 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Deco

Big bootie / Little Waist.... Deco is about as fuckable as it gets. Cutler X hard and horny and ready to GET SUM. That ass is up and ready! Cutler starts right in and gets his tongue in Deco's pink hole and never slows down. On to the bed for some heavy fingering before that big fat long dick comes in and penetrates a WIDE EYED boy (you know he's been thinking about the D for a while). Deco takes that huge cock and Culter X works up a heavy sweat - you know whats cumming next...



March 24, 2022
Runtime: 17:27 | 48 Photos

MILK is good for you. Makes you strong and happy. It is the essence of life. MEN NEED IT Lawrence comes in to deliver right into some tight Twink ass. Ty Santana is a sexy kid and loves dick. He wants Lawrence's load bad - he told him so! Lawrence is more than happy to oblige and gets to work churning up his balls with a hot throat fuck and then goes for the prize! Everyone wins.


March 17, 2022
Runtime: 20:31 | 49 Photos

Featuring: King Byrce, Luke Truong

LUKE! We love the guy so much - what a cutie. And King Byrce! Every time he shows up its like we are seeing him or the first time again - SO SEXY. Luke has been working hard to get bigger and boy does it show - what a nice beefy butt! He's hungry as always and King is for sure gonna make sure Luke gets a good meal. Byrce doms Luke's throat and pushes him down hard. Luke fucking loves it... of course he's really just getting his man ready to fuck his ass. Luke just smiles and asks for more, throws his ass back and smiles again. What could be better that this?


March 3, 2022
Runtime: 23:05 | 52 Photos

He cant help himself and it is all he talk about. DICK. How can Teddy Bryce make himself look more appealing so he can get what he wants. Big muscle ass with 2 very accommodating holes. Liam Branagh has whats Teddy needs and brings his BIG FAT DICK over and stuff the tattooed handsome muscle stud FULL OF COCK.


February 24, 2022
Runtime: 22:36 | 49 Photos

Julian Torres is an extremely masculine man. Cole Alexander is a sweet little guy that will do what you say. Julian picks up on this energy right away and starts push Cole down into his submission. Throat fuck, Spitting, Pit worship.. He knows what a boy needs.. Cole is all about it and will do what he's told. Sure there might be a little suffering cause the reward is a HOT FUN FUCK.


February 17, 2022
Runtime: 20:42 | 55 Photos

All 3 of these men are HUGE - each in their own way. Cain Marko is Huge in everyday - height, muscle, dick, appetite... Cutler and Roxas bring the goods to feed this big muscle ass. Roxas slides right in and immediately tests Cain's ability to get fucked a 12 inch dick. Cutler comes in next and makes sure things are NICE AND OPEN. Because you know what's coming.... and Cain gets a DP and a double CREAM PIE


February 10, 2022
Runtime: 16:02 | 50 Photos

King Bryce! He is about as hot as it gets, total package. He really wanted to come back and fuck some hot ass for us so we called in Prince Flackoo (seems like we have a royalty thing going on here...) Prince has an ASS - its made from perfect skin, a big dose of muscle and little bit of fat to give it some extra plumpness. Everyone wanted to fuck it! But King has his Prince all to himself and really dicks the boy good. In fact so good he fucks a load right out of the boy all over his chest. That pretty much will send any guy over the edge! Of course, Prince eats his own tasty load off that sexy muscled torso before swooping in for a kiss..


February 3, 2022
Runtime: 22:30 | 51 Photos

Austin Lacrosse is everything you could want in a guy. Strong, confident, perfect body and a complete pig. Did we say FUN? He loves being the center of attention, you will love him for it. Cutler is smitten when they meet and the two have instant chemistry so Cutler goes down on his hole. Give the people what they want right? Austin was a little nervous but as soon as Cutler gets in balls deep ITS ON. Austin is an animal and wants more and more and MORE. His legs shake, hes laughing, he even rides Cutler like his life depends on it! Cutler wants to know if we can keep him..


January 27, 2022
Runtime: 24:24 | 57 Photos

Featuring: Amadeus, Danny Starr

Do you like your men thick and beefy? Maybe you want to watch a fat dick fuck a hot muscle ass? Amadeus is gonna help you with that. He is all man and here to show you who is boss. Nothing about him is not imposing and Danny Starr is taking his place down on his knees. Worshiping that big cock is what he is here for... BIG COCK NEEDS TO FILL HOLES


January 20, 2022
Runtime: 21:15 | 50 Photos

You know that guy who gets you, gives good looks, has a big dick or a fat ass. You gotta fuck that, he's gonna get this, and you're gonna watch it. Lawrence got stiff when Jay walked in, both of these guys are big, Jay showed up looking sexy thicc and looking to get fucked. Lawrence spreads Jays big muscle ass and feasts on his hot hole. Jay sucks Lawrence's dick nice and hard and opens up to take Lawrence inside. Grind that shit bruh - fill it up.

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