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June 3, 2022
Runtime: 23:44 | 50 Photos

Featuring: Teddy Bryce, Teddy Khaos

What exactly is the perfect fuck? Teddy Bryce wants to show you... Teddy Kahos! This big handsome sexy guy gives Teddy B. his big hairy cock, with a smile. Teddy Bryce offers up his mouth with a greedy deep throat. But he is still hungry and dives in unto Teddy S big ass!. Teddy S. takes the tattooed butt he came for and pile drives them both into a sweaty and steamy fuck frenzy ending with a hot load of cum on Teddy B. newly forked tongue - YUM!


May 26, 2022
Runtime: 26:30 | 50 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Ruslan Angelo

Cock hungry, smooth and hungry, Ruslan Angelo arrives ready for dick. Cutler surprises Anglelo delivering a lot more DICK than expected. He fucking LOVES all that big hard cock down his throat and up his ass - he is hard the entire time Cutler delivers one hot and sweaty passionate fuck and CREAMS THIS BOY GOOD.


May 19, 2022
Runtime: 21:41 | 55 Photos

Featuring: Cole Alexander, Shadow

He is a Professional Wrestler: body of a god and man's man attitude to match. Shadow hits The Den with all he's got and roughs up Cole Alexander good - just the way he likes it. Cole will do exactly what you tell him - and thats it. If you want to drill out his throat, he is on his back. You want to fuck his little ass - LEGS SPREAD. You stop when you are ready... He loves to serve and Shadow knows just when to slap him and just when to switch holes. Shadow has this boy dickmatized from beginning to END ... check out those quivering thighs!


May 12, 2022
Runtime: 34:17 | 55 Photos

The best surprise is the one that ends up with a hot fuck. Just in from the beach Cutler and Julian decide to clean up before lunch but Cutler has a different meal in mind - Louis Ricaute! YUM is about all anyone can say about this welcome change of plans. Lots of testosterone, fur and BIG DICK. Julian is all smiles until the pair start stuffing his face with tongue and dick - not one to shy away from a challenge Julian uses his thick muscle ass to give all 3 of the men ultimate pleasure. Louis Ricaute and Cutler X stuff Julian about as full as he's been with a BIG double dick lunch and a hot cum dessert.


May 5, 2022
Runtime: 24:10 | 45 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Prince Flackoo

If you haven't met Prince Flackoo before - you really should. He's a full time sex machine but then SO IS CUTLER X. These 2 are FIRE and will blow👏 your👏 mind👏- that huge monster cock sliding into that perfect bubble butt is kind of the hottest thing! Cutler X is on his best behavior because he doesn't know if the boy can take it BUT THEN HE DOES. Throwing his ass onto that huge cock makes Cutler's nuts boil and he give up THE BIGGEST load all over those golden brown cakes


April 28, 2022
Runtime: 26:03 | 50 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X, Ridick

He has to travel. There are so many asses out there to fuck... First stop - BERLIN to see Ridick. Ridick is a great fuck. It seems he just cant get enough and there is no one that can help him. Cutler is ready to do his best to satisfy this hole and with his monster cock and he really beats it up. That lean muscular body bends and stretches in all directions just to give Cutler full access to that big hungry gape and rewarding rosebud. Suck it // Fist it // FUCK IT UP ///////


April 23, 2022
Runtime: 20:09 | 49 Photos

CutlersDen Exclusive Lawrence Morningstar lives around the corner from us. He popped by one day and asked if we knew who he was gonna shoot with next. Guess who happened outside on the deck? ROXAS CAELUM (who also lives close by). He never fails to light up the room and break asses. He takes even the most experienced holes to new levels. ITS A HUGE DICK. Both these guys are over 6 foot so whats another 12 inches of dick? IT IS S A LOT and when Lawrence finally gets it all in he is AT HIS LIMIT. We all know that a bottom has one job - Get your top's load. Lawrence is here for Roxas 100%



April 14, 2022
Runtime: 19:02 | 42 Photos

He named it for us - Austin Sugar was made for dick. A candy boy loves to serve men in every single way. Johny Walker is here for it - he is ALL MAN. Big fat uncut dick, furry, and LOVES ASS. Austin spreads his holes wide open for Johny and works them hard to get the rewards. Pretty boys need to get fucked hard and put in their proper place and JOHNY KNOWS HOW


April 7, 2022
Runtime: 24:09 | 56 Photos

Drew wanted to fuck a hot ass that could take his BIG FAT LONG DICK no problem. Right now we are all over Prince Flackoo's smooth hungry bubble butt. This boy is a slut so as soon as Drew walked into the room he is down on his knees slurping away at the HUGE COCK. Drew keeps winking to us telling us that he really wants to slide his dick in between those hairless mounds... NO ONE was expecting it to go in so easily! That only means one thing - LET THE BOY RIDE!


April 6, 2022
Runtime: 05:05 | 121 Photos

Featuring: Cutler X

While shooting Drew and Ian at the pool last summer, Cutler was over on the lawn having his own shoot...

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